Robert Lynch

About Me

Professional Life

Hello, And welcome to my portfolio.

My name is Robert and I am a Full-Stack Developer working with the PERN Stack.

I'm a Full-Stack Software Engineer working remotely out of FT White, Florida. I build and maintain high quality, UX-oriented, and highly scalable web applications at an enterprise scale. I enjoy doing everything from relational database design and building microservice APIs to developing intuitive, aesthetic user interfaces.

My Home Life

I have an amazing family who I adore and work hard to give them the life they deserve. My fiancé is my biggest supporter and motivates me to do better. I enjoy online gaming, Football, Fitness, reading (Anne Rice), and hiking. On a weekend where I'm free, you will find me learning a new language, or attending meetups.

Why I became a Developer

I first became intrigued by computers in Elementary School. Oregon Trail was my go-to game. In 1995 a movie came out called "Hackers". I knew right then I wanted to be a Software Developer. A few of Life's surprises hindered my goals for a time. Once the opportunity presented itself to get back into coding I took it. I went the self-taught route and eventually joined DevMountain's full-stack course.

My Tools

My Projects

Day Trip Planner

Developed a day trip planner cloud and marketplace app using the PERN stack allowing users to choose from various packages with top-level tiers for the gold package to ascending tiers for lower packages. Implemented full user authentication and customer newsletter.

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Recipe Store

Developed a recipe cloud and marketplace app using the PERN stack allowing users to create, edit and sell recipes online. Integrated Full CRUD to allow full user control for a more interactive and simple user experience. Utilized React and CSS to provide a clean user interface.

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Full React Portfolio

This is my Fullstack React Portfiolio, Developed using the PERN Stack. A feature I'll be utilizing will be a daily journal to track my coding journey. some additional tech I'll be using are as follows, Redux, Express, axios and React native. It is an evolving application. more to come later on.

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Choice Algorithm

This is an algorithm that I wrote when I first started learning software development These were my 3 career choices at the time and I used said algorithm to help me decide. The font I am using incase you're wondering is IBM Plex Mono.

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